About Us


Meet Kenn Davin, owner and founder of Rock Solid Structures, LLC.

I care about building homes that will withstand wind forces, fires, flooding as well as being energy efficient.  For the past 42 years I have helped homebuyers and commercial operators build safe homes and buildings.

I am an engineer with decades of experience I put to use to invent the most solid built homes and buildings that will withstand many natural catastrophes.

I am so sure about my designs I will give you my 100 year warranty on the home we build for you.

Imagine a home void of mold. A home made without dry wall and grout where mold likes to grow. Imagine a home built with the kinds of insulation which will provide an energy efficient and safe structure surrounding you and your family.

I took a tour to Southwest Florida and witnessed the devastation from Hurricanes especially from Hurricane Ian. This is the moment I decided I would help be the change.From now on… no homeowner will have to watch their roof fly off in the damaging hurricane winds, or watch their home fill up with flood water.

My Rock Solid Structures building method has been tested and proven to be hurricane resistant, mold resistant, flood resistant, and modern style rockcrete structures that are sure to please your designer style and taste.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is covered by our builder's 100 year guarantee on the building materials, structural integrity, and acts of God.